Come Sit at Your Savior's Feet

Come Sit at Your Savior's Feet

July 21, 2019 | Everette Greene

Passage: Luke 10:38

But even though Jesus is essentially standing before us this morning and inviting us to come and sit at His feet so that we might learn the precious truths of salvation; how often do we actually accept that invitation?  Though we have gathered this morning to sit at our Savior’s feet, will we take time to sit at His feet tomorrow and read through His Word for ourselves?  Will we take time to sit down at His feet at regular intervals this week and listen to Jesus speak the precious truths of salvation through the Bibles we keep so securely stored on our bookshelves and coffee tables?  Will we take time out of our schedules again next Sunday to gather in this place to sit at our Savior’s feet, or will the busyness of these summer days distract us from time together with our Savior?


Why is it, do you think, that so many Christians are so distracted by so many things, that they simply cannot find the time to sit at their Savior’s feet in worship, or in personal Bible reading at home?  Why is it that we can find all the time in the world to watch TV, or get lost in a good book, read the newspaper without distractions, connect on Facebook; and yet we can’t find 5 minutes during the week to pick up the Bible and read it?  (Why is it that when Sunday morning rolls around, 11 am is too early to gather for worship.  Why is it that we find it so important to run out of here as soon as worship is over, bypassing those stairs which lead down to Bible Study?  Why is it that when we actually make a plan to sit down at our Savior’s feet with Bible in hand, we find ourselves distracted by so many of life’s worries?  Why is it that we start off with a good Bible reading plan and yet find it difficult to follow through?  Why is it that when we actually begin to make headway in reading the Word for ourselves, we get bogged down in books like Deuteronomy, or Chronicles, or Kings, and before we know it, we simply stop sitting at our Savior’s feet, because we got frustrated with what we were reading in His word?


Why is it?  Because the very last thing that Satan, our enemy, wants us to be doing, is sitting at the feet of our Savior and learning the precious truths of salvation!  He doesn’t want us in church because then we might be strengthened in our faith, not only through the Word but by all the other believers who have gathered and who are struggling with similar problems.  He doesn’t want us reading the Scriptures for ourselves, because we might read something that makes us all the more committed to sitting at our Savior’s feet every chance we get.  So Satan distracts us and does everything he can to keep us from our Savior, just as he did with Martha in our Gospel lesson this morning. 


Though the words of our Gospel reading for today are so very familiar to us, they still pack a huge punch, even today, because they so clearly show how Satan seeks to drive us to distraction, even as Jesus invites us to sit at His feet and listen.  Just think about how Satan was at work in the background through this whole account.  Luke tells us in verse 38, “Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village.  And a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house.” 


Now, there really isn’t anything unusual about this.  Jesus came to Mary and Martha’s home in Bethany and Martha opened her house to Him.  Yet, there are some commentators who suggest that this visit by Jesus and His disciples may not have been a scheduled visit.  There are some commentators who suggest that the reason for Martha’s distraction was because Jesus had not called ahead to tell them that He and 12 others, at least, were planning to stay at her house this night!  They suggest that Martha was so distracted because she had so many things to get ready, now that Jesus had dropped in on them.  While this may be the case, all we know for certain is that Satan used this as an opportunity to keep Martha from sitting at Jesus’ feet as Mary was, and he used it as an opportunity to try to distract Mary who was so quietly sitting at Jesus’ feet. 


Just imagine the scene.  Jesus and His disciples were welcomed into the home.  Martha and Mary were probably quite busy making the preparations.  Then Jesus sat down in a way that indicated He was going to do some teaching.  Mary stopped what she was doing and sat down at Jesus’ feet to listen to what He had to say.  However, as verse 40 tells us, “But Martha was distracted with much serving.  And she went up to Him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?  Tell her then to help me.”


Martha was becoming worried about setting a meal on the table that would be good enough for her beloved Master.  Undoubtedly, out of love for her Lord, she wanted to put on the best feast for Him and serve Him the very best that she could possibly offer, yet doing this meant that she would be giving up the privilege of sitting at the Lord’s feet as her sister was.  Can’t you just hear Satan whispering in her ear, telling her how she was doing the right thing by forgoing her opportunity to sit at the Savior’s feet?  Can’t you just hear Satan planting seeds of jealousy and frustration against her sister who was just sitting there?  Can’t you just see her going to Jesus, expecting that Jesus will agree with her and tell Mary to stop sitting there and get up and help her?  Yet, as verse 41 and 42 tell us, something completely different happened.  “But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary.  Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”


If you read between the lines, you can see that, in such a simple and loving way, Jesus thanks Martha for all the work of preparation that she had been doing, out of love for Him.  He assures her that she is His dearly loved child who has been forgiven of all her sins, even this one of keeping Mary form sitting at His feet, and He even invites her to come and join them; to come, sit at His feet and listen to the precious truths of salvation.

This is what the Lord Jesus is doing to each and every one of us today.  He is chiding us, even rebuking us for being so distracted by all the things in life that we just simply cannot find time to sit at His feet in worship or in personal Bible readings.  He rebukes us for our own attempts at keeping others from sitting down at the Savior’s feet by not encouraging them to come to church or read their Bibles, as well as, for those times when we have simply allowed friends, family members, even our children to keep us from coming to sit at the Lord’s feet.  Yet, at the same time He is assuring us that we are his dearly loved children, who have been forgiven of all our sins, even the sin of our failure of sitting at His feet.  And once again our Lord invites us to come and join Him; to sit at His feet here in worship and at home in Bible reading, as we listen to the precious truths of salvation that He has to teach us today.


But how do we do that?  How do we answer His invitation to come and sit at His feet?  The answer to that question is simple.  First and foremost, we make the most of every opportunity to gather for worship on Sunday mornings.  We make the most of every opportunity to sit at our Savior’s feet each day through personal Bible reading.  Maybe that means we schedule personal time each week when we can sit down and read the Bible for ourselves, or simply listen to it as we are commuting to and from work.  Maybe it means that we set up a personal check list for the day, including Bible Reading, and make sure that we are spending 15 minutes in the Bible each day, or simply reading through it a chapter at a time.


Now, understand that when you make a commitment to sit at your Savior’s feet, Satan will do everything he can to distract you.  There will be some days that you face quite a few struggles designed to keep you from sitting down and reading or listening to the Word.  There may be days when you wake up in the morning and realize that you missed the past day or the past few days, and Satan has succeeded in keeping you from sitting at your Savior’s feet.  When that happens, forgive yourselves immediately and pick up where you left off and continue on from that day forward.  Continue on from that day forward because the more you are in the Word, the more your faith will grow!  The more time you spend sitting at your Savior’s feet, the better you will understand the gift of salvation that your Savior has given.  The more time you spend reading or listening to the Word, the more enjoyable worship will be each week, because you will begin to see connections you never saw before, like the connections that branch out from our Gospel reading for today.  In just a few months Lazarus will die, and both Mary and Martha’s faith will be intently tested.  Yet through all that testing, they will confess their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, because they spent time on this day, sitting at their Savior’s feet.


Our Lord invites you this day, to sit at His feet as Mary did, and learn from Him.  I pray that you would take hold of this invitation and make use of every opportunity you have to sit at the Lord’s feet and learn from Him!  Amen!